Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Machine translation: when it is advisable to use it

We have already seen in a previous blog that using an automatic translator in certain scenarios is not recommended. Now we will see in what situations is appropriate use of an engine like Google or Microsoft to do a translation.
Firstly, we must talk about productivity. Perform a post-editing is faster than the translation work. It is estimated that a translator can predispose of four to five thousand words per day, compared with the three thousand words of translation per day. In this way, if we have little time to deliver a translation to a customer (i.e., most of the time), the post-editing can be a great ally. And if, for example, a customer needs to translate one hundred thousand words in two days for informative purposes only internal, we can always offer service only to machine translation. Remember that in addition to the complete post-editing, there is also the post-editing simple or quick and the only automatic translation service. Analyze each context will be crucial to choose the appropriate option.

In addition, if the client's budget is tight, the automatic translation service more post-editing should be one of the first options.
Automatic translation is also plausible with texts that have simple wording and content, without figures of speech, subjective or technical language. Usually, the manuals for employees, the contents of mobile applications and administrative information have a very positive result.
As a practical example, we can mention e-commerce companies often need to translate to multiple languages their catalogs soon. In addition, the products are usually constantly updated. Post-editing service not only help for the company to offer its products updated around the world, but also to reduce the costs of translation.
Other companies choose to use only the passage of machine translation to translate its contents. For example, companies that offer flights and lodgings tend to translate the comments and opinions of users with a machine translation engine.
In summary, there are many situations in which the use of machine translation and post-editing is recommended. From Trusted Translations, we have always encouraged their use, provided that the result is functional for the customer.